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SocialPrachar provides Best Python Course Training in Hyderabad,Kukatpally. Our Advanced Job Oriented Curriculum Helps Trainees to Get job easily in just 45 Days. Learn Advanced Python Training with Data Science including 2 live projects and MNC Certification. We Provide Classroom, Online, Daily, Weekend Classes on Python Programming.

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    Python Programming is used for:

    1. Web development (server-side),
    2.Software development,
    3. Mathematics,
    4. System scripting.

    Who Can Learn Python Programming ?

    5Java, .Net, Testing Professionals
    6.Big data Professionals
    7. All Graduates
    8.MBA/Mtech/MCA/Degree Holders
    9.Anyone who are interested to make a career

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    Basic Python (Part-I)


    • Why to Learn Python?
    • Characteristics of Python
    • Evolution of python
    • Applications of Python

    Installation of Python

    • Local Environment Setup
    • Installing Python
    • Anaconda installation

    Python Variables

    • Multiple Assignment

    Basic Operators

    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Comparison (Relational) Operators
    • Assignment Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • Bitwise Operators
    • Membership Operators
    • Identity Operators

    Decision Making

    • If statement
    • If…else statement
    • Nested if statement

    Loop Control Statements

    • While loop
    • For loop
    • Nested loop



    • yield statement
    • Difference b/w yield and return statement


    • iter() function
    • next() function

    Ternary operator

    Special functions

    • Lambda
    • Filter
    • Map
    • Reduce

    Indexing & Slicing

    Primitive data types

    • Integers
    • Float
    • Strings
    • Boolean

    Non-primitive data types

    • List
    • Tuple
    • Dictionary

    Built-in functions

    Accepting Inputs

    • Getting single input
    • Multiple input
    • eval function

    Python (Part II)


    • Counter
    • Deque
    • Chainmap
    • OrderedDict
    • Defaultdict
    • Namedtuple
    • Heapqueue



    • What are modules?
    • Installation of Modules
    • Properties of modules


    Regular expression

    • match function
    • search function
    • search and replace

    File handling

    • Reading and writing files
    • Creating new file
    • Modify the content
    • Delete the file
    • Write to an existing file

    Exception handling

    • try…except
    • ..except..else
    • try…finally

    Indexing & Slicing


    Advance Python

    Object Oriented Programming (OOPS)

    • What is OOPS
    • Difference b/w regular programming and OOPS
    • OOPS Concepts
    • Classes & Objects
    • Constructor
    • Destructor
    • Inheritance
    • Encapsulation
    • Abstraction
    • Polymorphism
    • super keyword
    • Operator overloading


    • Creating and starting a thread
    • Thread module
    • Improving the performance using threading
    • Ways to implement threads


    • Basic concept of multi-processing
    • Multi-processing vs multi-threading

    Async in Python

    • Why async script is faster?
    • Async implementation

    MySQL with Python

    • Integrating MySQL with Python
    • Creating Database
    • INSERT Operation
    • READ Operation
    • Update Operation
    • DELETE Operation
    • Handling Errors
    • Running Queries
    • Data Retrieval

    Web scraping

    • What is Python scrapy?
    • Extracting content from simple website
    • How to deal with complex websites?
    • Integrating database with scrapy

    Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    • Python Tkinter
    • Creating our own application

    Sending mail in Python

    • Introduction to Python mailing
    • Mail with attachment
    • Mail with HTML script

    Flask (Web framework)

    • Introduction to web frameworks
    • Installation and procedures
    • Building websites
    • Flask Applications
    • Creating our own website


    • What is special in Fastapi?
    • Creating our own api
    • Why fastapi is better than Flask?


    • Introduction for deployment
    • Local environment deployment
    • Cloud deployment


    • Pytest introduction
    • Environment setup
    • Implementation

    Data Science in Python

    • Introduction to Data science
    • Difference between Machine learning and deep learning
    • Numpy library
    • Pandas library


    Projects and Placement


    • Compulsory tasks after the each session
    • Daily assignments in the Google’s classroom
    • Multiple choice questions for each topic
    • Separate doubt clarification session


    • Dedicated HR team for placements
    • Resume preparation tips
    • Mock interviews

    Python Course Training in Hyderabad Next Batches 

    Python Use Cases

    Most of the people are using python and it is an interpreted language, which means the written code not actually translate to computer readable format in a run time. This type of language is called as scripting language. A large majority of web applications  rely on Python, including Google’s search engine, YouTube, and the web-oriented transaction systems. Most of the industries are using python to inflate their share markets and even NASA often uses python when are programming their equipments and space machineries.

    Python can also be used to process text, display numbers or images, solve scientific equations, and save data.


    There are many benefits of learning python as it is very easy to learn. Suppose you are a beginner and you are a not aware of coding so, don’t put a back step it is can be easy to gain knowledge form clueless people also.

    Python is widely used, including by a number of big companies like Google, Instagram, Disney, Yahoo!, Nokia, IBM, and many others. Not even in the IT and software field, it is also used in the electronics as in an embedded system. The Raspberry Pi – which is a mini computer and DIY lover’s dream – relies on Python as its main programming language too.


    1. It can develop prototypes quickly because it is so easy to work with and read.
    2. As compared to Java and C languages, it will be more productive programming environment. Most professional coders had  shared their experience that they get more productive when they are working with python.
    3. Python is easy to read, even if you’re not a skilled programmer. Anyone can begin working with the language, all it takes is a bit of patience and a lot of practice. You can also take help of Program helpers
    4. Most automation, data mining, and big data and data science  platforms rely on Python.

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