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Learn Earn Programme

An Online store can be created with our AFFPRO within minutes.  You can manage products as well as the whole store without any coding/technical knowledge.

All you need to do is to follow the below steps to start & run a successful online store.

1. Decide What to Sell

Learn Earn Programme
  1. As you are starting an online store, you must be clear what you are going to sell.
  2. There is a wide range of categories, which you can think of selling be it hats, watches, men’s/women’s apparels.
  3. To get more ideas you can visit the categories section of FLIPKART/AMAZON.

2. Build Online Store

Learn Earn Programme
  1. Once you are done with STEP 1, next task will be moving forward to build your own store.
  2. AFFPRO lets you to create & manage your store without any coding/technical knowledge.
  3. AFFPRO will guide you through the process of building your store such as
    1. Customizing HOME Page
    2. Adding/Managing Products

3. Promote Your Store

Learn Earn Programme
  1. As our store is ready with a set of products, now its time to let people know about your brand.
  2. Brand awareness can be achieved if you have good knowledge of Digital Marketing
  3. By having expertise in Digital Marketing, you can bring more visitors to your website which in turn will create more revenue for you.
  4. To make it more precise,
  • Learn Digital Marketing to know how to promote your store
  • Promote your store -> Get more visitors
    • More visitors -> more money,

4. AMAZON/FLIPKART – Process your orders

Learn Earn Programme
  1. Managing/Processing orders is one of the most time consuming and tedious task when it comes to online stores
  2. Because we need to deal with a lot of things like managing inventory, shipping, refund policy and the list goes on.
  3. With our AFFPRO, we made your life easy as our concept is affiliate store which means we promote the products of AMAZON/FLIPKART and they will pay us if we generate a sale for them.
  4. So all we need to do, is to send traffic and generate a sale for them and the rest of the things which are related to shipping, processing your order will be taken care by them

5. Generate Revenue

Learn Earn Programme
  1. For every sale that is generated in AMAZON/FLIPKART through our store, we will get commission up to 15%*.
  2. This commission rate varies depending on the product category we choose.

6. Repeat the Process

Learn Earn Programme
  1. Learn Digital Marketing to know how to promote your store
  2. Promote your store -> Get more visitors
  3. More visitors -> more money,

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    • All Students 10th/Inter/Degree/MBA/MCA/ Graduates
    • Housewives, Business people and Employees
    • All Who are planning to earn Extra income Online.

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    • To Know the Money making techniques Online
    • You can earn Secondary income from Home, just for working 2 hrs a Day
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    • Get official company certification from Google,Facebook and other top MNC’s
    • No Programming and coding required