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AI Chatbots are those Artificial Intelligence systems that one can interact with through text or voice interface. The Chat interactions with these systems can be simple and straightforward like asking the bot about Product or Service Details, Admission Process or offers Etc. Our AI Chatbot Mastery Course is the Right Choice which You can help Businesses to increase customer engagement & Sales.

2.4 billion people use messaging apps and are willing to talk to chatbots.


Get ready to train your bot as per the need of the market and also we are going to add Artificial Intelligence to our chatbot.

What you'll learn in AI Chatbot Mastery Course

25 Days Program - No Coding Skills Required

  • Building chatbot online

  • Introducing chatbots in Dialogflow

  • Building Blocks of Chatbots

  • Using External APIs for fulfilments

  • Adding Chatbot to your Website

  • Implementing AI to Chatbot

  • Integrating with Third-Party Applications

  • Learn Cloud Deployment

  • Learn IBM Watson Tools, Google Dialogflow, RASA Framework etc

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Key Takeaways from our AI Chatbot Mastery Course

✓ You’ll learn how to Build and Deploy 6 AI-NLP based Chatbots.

✓ Build your AI portfolio with our Client Based Real Bot Deployments on Websites/Apps/Google assistant or Alexa or Slack Integrations

✓ Master Art of Selling on How to Market your Chatbots to Earn minimum 20,000 to 50,000 INR Per month

✓ Build Real world Application Bots Like Customer Feedback Bots, Lead Generation Bots, Customer Engagement bots, Sales bots Etc

✓ If You are  a Business owner, Build 3 Bots for your Business with help of our Expert AI Team – Life-time Free Support


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    Quick Stats About AI Chatbots 2021

    • 40% of millennials claim to engage with bots on a daily basis
    • Chatbots saw a 92% use increase since 2019
    • 87.2% of consumers rate their typical chatbot experience as within the range of neutral to positive.
    • 46% of companies leveraging intelligent assistants or AI chatbots
      55% of people use chatbots to resolve a complaint or problem, or for getting detailed answers